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Blue Teapot at the Quay

Happy Holidays Box

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A little bit of sweetness, spice, citrus, and calm to enjoy during the holiday season.

Includes 8 bags x 25g:

1 x Simply Beautiful Organic

  • Ingredients: rosemary*, nettle leaf*, *rosehip shell*, rooibos*, lavender*, ginger*, Pu Erh*, mate*, licorice root*, fennel*, cinnamon*, black pepper*      *organic ingredients

1 x Rooibos Samurai

  • Ingredients: rooibos, black tea, flavouring, sunflower flower, safflower flower

1 x Rooibos Spiced Chai Organic

  •  Ingredients: rooibos*, ginger*, cinnamon*, licorice root*, black pepper*, cassia*, flavouring, cardamom pod*, rose flower*, calendula flower*      *organic ingredients

1 x Maple Delight

  • Ingredients: black tea, flavouring, roman chamomile flower, raspberry, safflower flower

1 x Blueberry Hibiscus Organic

  • Ingredients: hibiscus flower*, rosehip peel*, apple*, elderberry*, orange peel*, natural flavouring        *organic ingredients 

1 x Energy Booster

  • Ingredients: black tea, green tea, guarana seed, mate, nettle leaf, flavouring, red currant, sunflower flower

1 x Genmaicha

  • Ingredients: green tea, roasted brown rice

1 x Pumpkin Chai Oolong

  • Ingredients:  oolong tea, cinnamon, cocoa bean, carrot, almond, cardamom pod, carob fruit, star anise, white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, flavouring, coconut, clove