Christmas Cheer Box

Christmas Cheer Box

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1 x Winter Hot Toddy 80g

  • Directions: Cream together 3oz of Winter Toddy with 1/8 cup butter. Blend in ½ pint of Vanilla Ice Cream (softened) & mix well. Freeze for up to a month. No need to defrost before using. To enjoy, blend 3 tablespoons of batter w/ boiling water in a mug (add spirit if desired). Serve Hot!

         Ingredients:Brown Sugar, powdered sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg,allspice

1 x Orange & Cinnamon Hot Chocolate 60g

Come in from the cold and cozy up to the fireplace with this hot cocoa treat!   The added hints of orange and cinnamon makes it an extra special drink for kids of all ages.

  • Directions: Mix 1 tbsp with 8oz of warm milk or non-dairy alternative.
Ingredients: Cocoa, Sugar, Natural Orange flavouring, Cinnamon, cloves.

1 x Maple Delight 50g

This premium black tea captures the alluring scent of maple and has a thrilling taste profile.

Ingredients: black tea, flavouring, roman chamomile flower, raspberry, safflower flower

1 x Mulled Spices 50g

A flavourful blend will warm you up on a cold day. Add to apple cider, apple juice, red wine or white wine to create a festive drink. Perfect for taking your hot drink from ordinary to extra-ordinary! 

Directions: Simmer 2 tablespoon of mulling spice mix with about 1 liter bottle of your desired beverage in a saucepan for 15 mins. Strain and serve hot in mugs. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Cinnamon, Orange peel, Allspice, Cloves


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