Matcha Serenity



Japanese matcha Serenity is the perfect choice for your daily moment of serenity. With a rich taste and velvety texture, matcha Serenity has a light bodied aftertaste that will be sure to please your palette.

Matcha is finely ground premium Japanese green tea. Prior to the harvest of matcha, the tea plants are shaded to bring out brightness and sweetness not associated with other green teas. The leaves are then harvested and processed, and ground down to powder. Whipped with hot water, the powder forms a rich, frothy, sort of super-powered tea. Matcha is a source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, B-complex, C, E, and K. It is rich in antioxidants, specifically catechin polyphenols, including EGCG (epigallo-catechin gallate). Antioxidants support health by fighting cell-damaging free radicals. When you drink matcha you actually consume the entire tea leaf. This is why drinking one cup of matcha is equivalent to consuming about ten cups of regular green tea. Matcha is rich in L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that provides balanced sustained energy and encourages a relaxed, calm, and alert mind. 

What are the differences between the different grades of matcha?  

The pricing of matcha in Japan is directly related to which leaves are used, where they were grown and which farmers cultivated it. The highest grade matcha has the greenest colour and is the softest in texture. This denotes that only the youngest leaves were used and de-spined (all stems removed). Matcha is made in relatively limited quantities, and because it is so popular in Japan, relatively little remains for export.

What is ingredient grade matcha? 
Ingredient grade matcha is made from the same plants as premium grade; the difference is which leaves are used and the process of grinding it into a powder. With ingredient grade, the leaves used are found below the top leaf and bud set of the tea plant. These lower leaves are a little older and less delicate; their stems are not removed when ground into powder, as with premium grade. The taste is less complex and bolder, holding up well to other ingredients, hence the name. It is ideal for cooking and making drinks with. It compliments both savory and sweet recipes. 





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