Winter Tea Box

Winter Tea Box

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1 x Matcha Yuzu 50g

Enjoy the enticing combination of green tea leaves, matcha powder, spearmint, and fruity flavour of yuzu (Japanese citrus).

Ingredients: green tea, spearmint, yuzu flavouring, Matcha

1 x Rooibos Samurai 50g

A wonderful blend of rooibos and black tea with smooth vanilla orange flavour.
Ingredients: rooibos, black tea, flavouring, sunflower flower, safflower flower

1 x Maple Delight 50g

This premium black tea captures the alluring scent of maple and has a thrilling taste profile.
Ingredients: black tea, flavouring, roman chamomile flower, raspberry, safflower flower

1 x Herbal Breakfast 50g

Start the day with this stimulating, aromatic organic herbal tea. The main ingredient in the blend is yerba mate. Yerba mate contains caffeine. It also provides antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, including B vitamins and vitamin C, manganese, potassium and zinc.
Ingredients: mate*, hibiscus*, rosemary*, fennel*, lemongrass*, licorice root*, blackberry leaf*, lemon verbena*, rosehip*, anise*, cornflower                    *organic ingredients


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