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150g Washi Paper Canisters (3 designs)

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Blending traditional beauty with contemporary designs and patterns, Washi Tea Canisters are hand-wrapped in traditional Japanese washi paper. Washi paper is made from bark of small trees found in Japan and have a soft, comforting texture. Many patterns, colors and sizes can be combined to create a specially unique look.
The canisters are hand wrapped and hand cut, piece by piece, by skilled craftsmen. The key is to have the cover snap into place with an audible "click" to indicate the perfect alignment of the cover and body pieces. Each tea canister is hand-finished for perfect precision and quality.

size: approx. 7.5 x 15.5 cm

Holds: 150g* of tea ( or *200g if going by Japanese measurements which is dictated by the weight of Sencha. For instance, our Japanese Sencha, Gyokuro, Masala Chai, Rolled Oolongs all fit 200g worth in this canister size. But teas like earl greys, most black teas, herbal, rooibos will fit only 150g. If needing guidance what size would fit best then ask and we will figure it out for you.)

Double Lidded