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Premium Matcha - Japan (October 2022)

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A Japanese classic, Matcha is traditional used for Japanese tea ceremonies. In recent years this tea has also become a popular tea for lattes and smoothies.

This specific Premium Matcha makes for an aromatic green tea best served on its own, but can be used in lattes too.



1.*put one level teaspoon full of Matcha powder into a bowl

2.*add freshly boiled but cooled water (60-80C)

3. froth up with a bamboo whisk

* important tip: Tea before water when brewing any type of green teas. Otherwise tea leaves burn and the taste can become ruined. Also, lower temp then brewing black teas is strongly recommended.


This Matcha comes in a resealable stand up pouch. If you're pick up this Matcha in store then bring back the bag and we'll refill it for you.