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Matcha Bamboo Whisk

Matcha Bamboo Whisk

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Bamboo whisk (chasen) is hand-carved from a single piece of bamboo. The beauty of the detail, material, and its shape make the whisk a special utensil.

How to use the matcha bamboo whisk:

Add 1/2 teaspoon or 1-2 matcha scoops of  matcha powder to the bowl.  Pour in around 70 ml of 75 C water. Whisk the matcha briskly by writing a “W” in the bowl using the whisk until the matcha has formed a frothy lather and there are no lumps.  

How to take care of the matcha bamboo whisk:

Immerse the bamboo whisk in warm water before using it. This softens the bamboo, making it less brittle. When the bamboo whisk is dry, it becomes brittle and the prongs could break. It is recommended to store the bamboo whisk on a whisk stand after using it.

Do not store it in its original plastic container. Because bamboo is a natural material and retains moisture, the bamboo whisk can occasionally be susceptible to slight molding. Be sure the whisk is able to air dry. Should mold occur, place the whisk in boiling water.

Do not wash the whisk with soap. Simply run it under hot water. Do not wash it in a dishwasher.




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